ubanita is also the name of a command line tool to interact with a server directly. Using ubanita, you can code, test and run scripts on a local or remote server.

  ubanita [flags]
  ubanita [command]

Available Commands: 
  publish     Pack and upload a project
  run         Run a published version of a project
  patch       Pack and upload a selection of files of a project
  reset       Reset the current project
  open        Open a cinema to view the project
  get         Perform a HTTP GET using the argument path
  load        Publish a local script
  version     Print the version number of ubanita cli
  help        Help about any command


Publish a version of a project

ubanita publish

Run the main.js file from the published version of a project

ubanita run

Run a different published script from the project

ubanita run --script=other_main.js

Patch a version or snapshot of a project with a selection of files

ubanita patch *.js  

Reset the current project

ubanita reset

Load a script from the current directory

ubanita load myproject.js

Load a script from an absolute file location

ubanita load /some/absolute/location/myproject.js

Get info about the current project. See REST API.

ubanita get /game
  "settings": {
   "background.fill": "",
   "background.image": "",
   "gravity.x": "0",
   "gravity.y": "0",
   "viewport.height": "768",
   "viewport.width": "1024"

Get all sprites currently available on layer 0

ubanita get /layers/0/sprites
   "angle": -0.9155593983439584,
   "elasticity": 0.8999999761581421,
   "friction": 0.5,
   "lineWidth": 2,
   "mass": 1,
   "radius": 12,
   "stroke": "#4444FF",
   "type": "Circle",
   "x": 10.298400551877307,
   "y": 736.464048124424
   "angle": -309.4408104209444,
   "elasticity": 0.8999999761581421,
   "friction": 0.5,
   "lineWidth": 2,
   "mass": 1,
   "radius": 12,
   "stroke": "#4444FF",
   "type": "Circle",
   "x": 1012.8209282084508,
   "y": 166.22111972233256