Ubanita SDK Installation

What’s in the package ?

Install SDK for OSX

Direct download ubanita SDK for OSX v0.1

In your home folder, create a folder name ubanita-sdk.

mkdir -p ~/ubanita-sdk

Copy the downloaded tgz file into that folder and unpack.

tar xf Ubanita-SDK-*.tgz 

Configure ubanita

Add environment variables

Enter the following lines in your .bash_profile.

# Ubanita
export UBANITA_SDK=$HOME/ubanita-sdk

Verify the setup by printing the version of the ubanita tool.

ubanita version

The ubanita tool uses configuration to communicate with a firespark server. The configuration is composed of:

The actual configuration is composed from these inputs and are in JSON format. The global and local configuration files exist such that you do not have to pass the full configuration for each ubanita command.

An example global configuration (ubanita.json) in $UBANITA_SDK:

    "account": "your-ubanita-account",
    "host": "your-server-name-or-ip",
    "user": "your-api-user",
    "password": "your-api-password"

An example project configuration (local) in your sources folder (ubanita.json):

    "project": "kimtato",
    "version": "1.0-SNAPSHOT"

Verify your configuration

ubanita --v

API documentation

All the documentation from docs.ubanita.org is included in the public folder.